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Sicb 2020.jpg

Team Midshipman (Jan 2018) in front of the lab of Ed Ricketts and his memorial on Cannery Row in Monterey, CA; left to right: Will Palmer, Ruiyu Zeng, Nick Lozier, Brooke Vetter, and Joe Sisneros

Sisneros Lab 2017 150 dpi.jpg

Team Midshipman (Oct 2017), left to right:
Rob Mohr, Nick Lozier, Joe Sisneros, Brooke Vetter, Ruiyu Zeng, and William Palmer

Lab With Ed Ricketts 150dpi.jpg

Team Midshipman (Jan 2018) in front of the Ed Ricketts' statue on Cannery Row in Monterey, CA:

Left to right: Will Palmer, Brooke Vetter, Ed Ricketts, Ruiyu Zeng, and Nick Lozier.

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