Lab Alumni

Brooke wo glasses 150 dpi.jpg

Brooke Vetter (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Sage Master Midshipman 
Auditory sensitivity of the lagena and role of the swim bladder in auditory reception

Currently an Assistant Professor at the University of St. Thomas

Robert Mohr (Ph.D.)

Master Midshipman

Role of the swim bladder for sound reception and acoustic communication in the plainfin midshipman.

Currently employed at Amazon Spheres.

Orphal Colleye (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Sage Master Midshipman 
Fish bioacoustics and sound pressure detection via the swim bladder in the midshipman.

Currently a postdoc at University of de Liege.

Ashwin Bhandiwad (Ph.D.)
Master Midshipman 
Hearing and the effects of noise on fishes.

Currently a postdoc at NIH.

Elizabeth Whitchurch (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Sage Master Midshipman
Seasonal auditory sensitivity and the role of the swim bladder in auditory reception in the midshipman.
Currently employed at Humboldt State University

Peter Alderks (Ph.D.)
Master Midshipman 
Ontogenetic changes in the auditory system of the plainfin midshipman fish.

Currently employed at Microsoft.

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William Palmer (B.S.)
Superior Raphe Nuclei Activation to a Social Acoustic Signal in Female Porichthys notatus.

Currently a Ph.D. student in the clinical psychology program at Yale University.

Raquel Vasconcelos (Ph.D)
Master Midshipman 
Neuroethology of acoustic communication in the Lusitanian toadfish (H.didactylus)
Currently an Associate Professor at the University of St. Joseph (Macau)