The Sisneros Lab studies the adaptive plasticity of the auditory system for encoding social acoustic signals.

We use fish as model systems to investigate ontogenetic and reproductive-state dependent changes in the auditory system.

We are also interested in sound source localization and how fishes detect and locate underwater sound sources in both relatively simple and complex acoustic environments.

*** The Sisneros & Stone Labs are recruiting a shared Ph.D. student in Psychology for fall 2021 focusing on

      how estrogen regulates cellular and molecular changes in auditory sensitivity of the vocal plainfin
For more info contact Dr. Sisneros ( or Dr. Stone (***

Sisneros Laboratory
408 Guthrie Hall
Department of Psychology
University of Washington

Contact Info:
Joseph Sisneros,
Office phone: 206-543-8893, 
Lab phone: 206-543-5313

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